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pHil's Happy Pet!
Nutrient-Rich, Infection Fighting PET HEALTH SUPPLEMENT

  pHil's Happy Pet, Minerals, Vitamins and Immune Boosting blend, is grown right here at Suede Hills Organic Farm. It is grown in the nutrient rich soils of the Thompson River Valley in Southern B.C. Canada. We created this blend for our own pets, and do they ever love it! Plus no more worries about Arthritis, Bloating, Shedding, Cloudy Eyes, Infections etc.
You can be confident in the deeply rooted nutritional quality of our pet supplement; recommended for both dogs and cats. Alfalfa powder has more protein than beef and is a Veterinarian recommended pet supplement for all pets, but especially so for those following a raw food diet. Both our organic Olive Leaf powder for infection fighting plus immune boosting and our organic Alfalfa powder are human grade, therefore the very best available on the market. 
No chemicals, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides have been used. We are 100%  Organic, certified by PACS, under the C.O.A.B.C. ( Certified Organic Association of British Columbia) and COG (Canadian Organic Regime) Our organic certification is honoured by the US Organic standards and the EU Organic Standards. Our pHil's Happy Pet health supplement is  "human grade", it is hand-harvested, ground, and packaged on site at Suede Hills Organic Farm, to ensure that our pHil's Happy Pet, supplement, is at its peak nutritional content.

  Show your pet friends how much you care by giving them the very best! You could even use it yourself. It would do both of you a world of good!
Health to you and your pet!
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pHil's Happy PET 334 grams Shaker Bottle
Price: $56.95
pHil's Happy PET 334 grams Shaker Bottle
Brings relief from: Arthritis, Scratching, Itching, Shedding, Foul Smelling Coat, Bloating, Bad Breath, plus is a Super Infection Fighter! FEEL GOOD about giving your pet friend all natural, Whole Food Nutrition, Immune Boosting and Infection Fighting!