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Pet Supplement

pHil's Happy Pet!
Nutrient-Rich, Infection Fighting, Immune Boosting
Excellent Source of Easily Digestible Protein

  pHil's Happy Pet, ORGANIC nutrional blend, is grown right here at Suede Hills Organic Farm.

We created this blend for our own pets, and do they ever love it!


Cloudy Eyes,
Bad Breath,
Brown Patches on your Lawn,

Pooh Eating
Expensive Trips to the Vet!

Recommended for both Dogs and Cats.

 Our pHil's Happy Pet is ORGANIC "Human Grade",
it is hand-harvested, naturally sun-dried, ground, and packaged on site
at Suede Hills Organic Farm,
to ensure that our pHil's Happy Pet,
is at its peak nutritional content.

  Show your pet friends how much you care
by giving them the very best!

You could even use it yourself. It would do both of you a world of good!
Health to you and your pet!
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pHil's Happy PET 334 grams Shaker Bottle
Price: $59.95
pHil's Happy PET 334 grams Shaker Bottle
Super Nutrition:Helps Arthritis,Scratching, Itching, Shedding, Foul Smelling Coat, Bloating, Bad Breath,Joint Pain, plus is a Super Infection Fighter! Helps them to stop eating poop. Gets rid of the yellow spots on your lawn too! Fewer trips to the Vet.
pHil's Happy PET Trio
Price: $174.95
pHil's Happy PET Trio
pHil's Happy PET Trio, savings plus convenience. Our best selling Human-Grade pet food supplement. So good you can eat it too!