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Green Foods

Available in capsule or in powder form.
Olive Leaf capsules and powder
Suede Hills Organic Farm Organic Olive Leaf Powder. Available in powder or capsule.
Choose from a variety of sizes.
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"HIS" Alkaline Male Enhancement package
Price: $249.95
"HIS" Alkaline Male Enhancement package
"HIS" Alkaline Male Enhancement package, is a 31 day kick start supply that empowers your body to do what comes naturally!
Alfalfa Capsules 900 pack
Price: $109.95
 Alfalfa Capsules 900 pack
Amazing ORGANIC whole food in convenient veggie-caps. More than 2 months supply of quality nutrition, energy and detoxification! Great for life on the go!!
pH Test Paper Roll
Price: $19.95
pH Test Paper Roll
This 15 foot roll of pH test paper is used to help you keep aware of the acid/alkaline level of your body. Test the 'third or fourth pee' of the day, every few days. You need to be at 7.4 or more for your cells to be empowered to do their healing job.