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"HIS" Alkaline Male Enhancement package

Price: $249.95
in stock
"HIS" Alkaline Male Enhancement package,
is a 31 day kick start supply that empowers your body to do what comes naturally!

Each of the 31 foil pouches contain ALL ORGANIC, real plant food nutrition that empowers the human body to Alkalize, Detoxify and Nourish at a cellular level.
Empower the circulation and blood flow in your body naturally.

  Our premium blend:
Suede Hills ORGANIC Alfalfa & Olive Leaf Powders, & ORGANIC RAW Pumpkin seed.
(Grind the contents of the foil packet then add to your blender drink, water or juice)
                                             This is "FOOD WITH BENEFITS!!"
Plus you get a 300 veggie capsule package of our best-selling pH Happy Caps.
(These pH Happy caps are taken before bed on an empty stomach with a full glass of water.)

This gives your body the alkalizing tools to do its main repair work from 10p.m. to 2a.m..

NOTE** This is NOT like Viagra.
This package is a daily food-tool combination that allows your body to Heal Itself,
thus returning the body to its normal, Healthy & Sexual Functionality.