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227g (1/2 lbs) Organic Alfalfa Powder

Price: $34.95
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Certified ORGANIC Alfalfa Powder 227 grams (1/2 lb.)
Hand-harvested, naturally dried to retain all of the essential nutrients your body needs to thrive.
Phil and Cindy literally live on this ORGANIC Alfalfa as super healthy Vegans (for over 11 years) now in their 70's and 60's...
Plus they have NO need for supplements, their amazing Alfalfa with its super-deep roots gives them the REAL nutrition their body's require to live and thrive abundantly.

Remember cows do NOT eat cows!!!
Cows eat alfalfa and grass, and look at how big a strong they are!

Alfalfa is one of the only ALKALINE-FORMING PROTEINS!
YOur mass-marketed pea, rice, hemp, whey, soy are ALL acid-forming proteins.

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