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227g (1/2 lbs) Organic Alfalfa Powder

Price: $34.95
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600 Alfalfa Capsules
Price: $74.95
600 Alfalfa Capsules
This bag contains enough alkalizing, nutrient dense, mature ORGANIC alfalfa powder in veggie capsules to serve one person for approximately 6 weeks. Health to you, the natural way!
Organic Alfalfa Stevia Bark Tea
Price: $14.95
Organic Alfalfa Stevia Bark Tea
ORGANIC Alfalfa Tea. All the benefits of Alfalfa in a pleasant tasting tea! This caffeine-free tea has a definite "green" taste. We always hear about the relative who lived to a ripe old age because they always drank their Alfalfa tea! 30 bags per pouch.