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Suede Hills Organic Farm is a family owned and operated business. We are a certified organic farm registered with P.A.C.S. (Pacific Agricultural Certification Society), farm #16-419, under the umbrella of C.O.A.B.C. (Certified Organic Association of B.C.).

All of our products are hand harvested and naturally dried to retain their full nutritional benefit, as well as "live food" value and qualities. Thus all of our products are suitable for people who adhere to a RAW FOOD or AUTHENTIC FOOD eating style and philosophy.

Here at SUEDE HILLS ORGANIC FARM, we use daily what we grow! Our main crops are Organic GREEN LEAF STEVIA, the natural, no calorie sweetener, Organic ALFALFA for people, it is a whole, nutrient-rich, greens food, that is a fabulous detoxifier. ALFALFA is well known for its ability to cleanes your bloodstream, gastrointestinal tract, your liver and urinary tract. Our most recent product is Organic OLIVE LEAF, a great Infection and High Blood Pressure fighter. Both the ALFALFA and the OLIVE LEAF come in easy to swallow capsules, so you get the benefit of these amazing green leaf powders, without the green leaf taste!

SUEDE HILLS ORGANIC FARM is located in the desert area of southern B.C. We pride ourselves in the fact that we grow, care for, harvest, dry, grind, package and sell the produce and have complete quality control, from the ground up and into your hands. No middle man, no chemicals, no pesticides, no fungicides. Direct from us, the growers, to you, the conscientious consumer.