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Tryzee Package - Serves 1 Person For 1 Month

Price: $159.85
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This is a great place to start to empower your body to heal itself, no matter where you are on the path to a healthier and happier life. 
This Tryzee Package containing our "Totally Awesome Trio" offers you an abundance of Alkalizing Nutrition, Infection Fighting, Immune Boosting, Detoxification & Energy.
Benefit enormously from the extra alkaline tools of our pH Happy Caps taken before bed, so your body can do its major repair work at night.

This Package Contains:
 300 pH Happy Caps - suggest 3-6 before bed ( or suggested serving size depending on the results of your pH test) Taken on an empty stomach with a FULL glass of water
300 ORGANIC Alfalfa Powder in veggie caps - suggest 10 caps per day, spread out over two or three servings if possible
100 ORGANIC Olive Leaf Powder in veggie caps - suggest 3 caps per day (more as needed if you have an existing infection) spread out over two or three servings. Can be taken with the Alfalfa Caps
Serves one person for one month