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300 Alfalfa Capsules
Price: $39.95
300 Alfalfa Capsules
This package contains 300 vegetarian capsules of our ORGANIC Alfalfa Powder. Alfalfa delivers intense nutrition, cleanses your body & helps raise your pH level too. Cindy knows their Suede Hills organic Alfalfa Powder is why her health turned around.
227g (1/2 lbs) Organic Alfalfa Powder
Price: $34.95
227g (1/2 lbs) Organic Alfalfa Powder
This astounding, nutrient-dense organic alfalfa powder will delight and surprise you! Phil and Cindy agree this is one of the key ingredients for their amazing health results! This pkg. serves one person for approx. 3-4 weeks. Suggested serving 1 Tbl.