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1200 Alfalfa Capsules

Price: $143.95
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You asked for more, now you have it! 1200 capsules of our amazing ORGANIC Alfalfa Powder in Veggie Caps.
We suggest taking at least 12 caps per day, spread out over 2 or 3 servings for the average person.
That isequivalent to about 1 Tablespoon of our amazing loose ORGANIC Alfalfa Powder.

Three or four caps mid afternoon is a great way to curb that energy drain that happens for many folks at that time.

Feel free to increase the serving size up to 24 caps as your body adjusts to this quality nutrition.
Phil and Cindy take 2 Tablespoons each per day in their Schmunkie, which equates to approximately 24 caps.

Thispackage is enough for 100 days (12 caps per day) of amazing all natural energy, powerful plant protein,
alkalizing minerals and vitamnis all in easy and convenient veggie capsules.