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454 grams Organic Olive Leaf Powder

Price: $269.95
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After hearing “Don’t you have a bigger one?” from many of you awesome, health-loving folks,
we are happy to bring to you our largest Organic Olive Leaf Powder ever!
Folks love the green tea-type flavor.

Introducing our new 454 gram (1 pound) Organic Olive Leaf Powder for your pleasure, and well-being.

Suede Hills Olive Leaf is Hand Harvested, once per year, in a 3 week window of time to insure a premium quality product.

Our Olive Leaf Powder has been Certified Organic for over 14 years!

As always our northern variety of Olive Leaf is Naturally Sun Dried to retain all its amazing nutritional benefits as a Whole, Raw, Nutritionally Intact food.

Phil and I use our ORGANIC Olive Leaf Powder every day in our “Phil’s Ultimate Breakfast with a Schmunkie” along with our ORGANIC Alfalfa Powder.
We are living in vibrant health, we believe that it is our Organic Olive Leaf Powder and our Organic  Alfalfa Powder that has kept us that way.
I had food poisoning in Costa Rica, I was in and out of consciousness, both ends were working and when I took 1 teaspoon of our Organic Olive Leaf Powder I felt as though I had never been sick in less than 2 hours! 
Needless to say, I would not travel without my Organic Olive Leaf Powder!