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pHil's Happy PET 334 grams Shaker Bottle

Price: $59.95
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All the ORGANIC, easily digestible plant protein, minerals and vitamins your pet requires, are found in pHil’s Happy Pet. 

Grown at Suede Hills Organic Farm this amazing Pet NutritionalSupplement is an ORGANIC, Raw, Whole Food, so amazing in quality that you can eat it too!
Our mature ORGANIC Alfalfa Leaf Powder is an all natural, herbal, protein (more protein than beef), mineral and vitamin rich food.
Plus we have added the best natural immune booster and infection fighter, our Suede Hills ORGANIC Olive Leaf Powder.
 pHil's Happy Pet simply the best Pet Supplement on the market today!

You will save yourself may trips to the vet!
Just add a few shakes once or twice per day to your pet's food.
Sometimes we even add water to our pet’s food to make“green gravy”.
They love it! They lap the green gravy up first! What could be easier?
It is very convenient, no fuss, no muss and you can feel good about what you are doing
to love and care for this important member of your family!

  Save yourself from expensive vet bills!
Get your pet healthy with real, HUMAN GRADE ORGANIC whole plant food nutrition plus immune boosting power of pHil's Happy Pet!

Foul Smelling Coat,
Bad Breath,
plus pHil's Happy Pet is a super Infection Fighter!

Show your pet how much you love and care for them by giving them the best natural, herbal, raw organic, whole food,
mineral and vitamin rich, infection fighter pet supplement on the market today!
pHil’s Happy Pet is a great way to say, "I love you" to your pet,
and to feel good about what you are doing plus save money too!

Just shake the pHil's Happy Pet supplement onto your pet's food.
Leave it dry or add a little water!
It's that easy.

Health to you and your pet!

Click here for in informational video on our Alfalfa