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Living The Healthy Life Package

Price: $184.95
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The Living The Healthy Life Package contains:

600 grams (1 1/4 lb.) Organic Alfalfa Powder
100 grams  (3.5 oz.)  Organic Olive Leaf Powder
100 grams (3.5 oz.) Organic Green Stevia Powder

These totally awesome trio of " Raw Living Life Force" powders, are the type of real food your body was designed to thrive on.
Want to know how we know???
Our lives have been transformed!
Cindy has been totally healed of ALL the disease she was diagnosed with more than  20 years ago!
Check out her story in the "About Us" tab.

Phil and Cindy have been using these amazing plant tools to support their vibrant health for more than 17 years!
It has been an amazing journey for them. Now in their 70's and 60's it is abundantly apparent that IT WORKS!!!

Give it a go! Because you just found thee nutritional answer you have been looking for!