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I'm Serious About Getting Alkaline

Price: $559.95
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The I'M Serious About Getting Alkaline Package contains our Certified Organic, Nutrient-Rich Greens!
Hand-harvested, naturally dried, thus classed as raw food & nutrient-Rich!

We use these 3 amazing green powders everyday in our Schmunkie.
They are the core ingredients that keep us vibrant and lively!!

This package serves one person for approxmately 5-6 months

1.2 kg (2 3/4 lb.) Organic Alfalfa Powder, **HAS MORE PROTEIN THAN BEEF! Cows don't eat cows, they eat alfalfa and grass!
454 Grams (1 lb.) Organic Olive Leaf Powder
454 Grams (1 lb.) Organic Green Stevia Powder

This life-enhancing package will seriously reshape the way your body performs and significantly impact how great you feel and function in our experience and opinion!
If you are considering delving into an alkaline lifestyle, this will be your foundational, alkaline nutrition!
Phil and Cindy have found these to be easily utilized by their body,  nutrient-rich plant protein, minerals, vitamins, plus all the other healthy attributes that real plant food offers the human body.

This package contains the full on “Real” nutrition that gives your body the Alkaline “Food Tools” it needs to Thrive, Repair and Rejuvenate!

We suggest you spread your servings out over at least two servings per day. That way your body can fully utilize the nutrients throughout the day.

Recipes available for The Morning Motivator &  Phil's Ultimate Breakfast with a Schmunkie
(Phil and Cindy thrive on this and have for well over 15 years....and they don't take any supplements!)

 If you don’t have your health, how can you fully enjoy your life?

Begin the healthy life you know you deserve today!

This is a great first step on the road to Thriving, Repairing and Rejuvenating your body!!

Health and happiness to you always!