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Get Alkaline INTRO Package

Price: $199.95
in stock

Get your body alkaline, plus receive excellent, easy to understand alkaline knowledge, tips and tricks.
This is a fantastic first step on the journey to a healthier, happier you!
This package will serve one person for one month

The Get Alkaline INTRO Package contains:
300 pH Happy Caps ( with pH test strips on your first order)
300 Alfalfa caps
100 Olive Leaf caps
50 grams Organic Green Stevia Powder
Disease Eraser Booklet
CD-Back to Basics

All for just $199.95
There is no better person to invest in than yourself!!

Congratulations for taking a step in the direction of improved health!!!
Knowledge is power, and now you have the quality food tools as well!

Health and Longevity to you!!