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The Key to Getting RESULTS....
is to TAKE ACTION on the Knowledge you Gain.

Cindy has lived first hand what she talks about!
The testimonies of hundreds of people who have followed her lead is the greatest reward for her.
Cindy's passion is to Empower People to Live Their Best Life Ever!

This is where you start if you are serious about transforming your health.
You can't keep doing what you are doing and expecting different results.
If you desire REAL CHANGE, then you have found the first stepping stones to a healthier you!

These Books will empower you to stand on the shoulders of one who has gone before you, and has your back!

Live Life the Way You Know it Was Design to be Lived.....

Long, Healthy, Fully-Functioning, Pain-Free, Drug-Free

Health and Happiness To You Always!
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Recipe(s) For A Vibrant Life! Get Alkaline Eating More Vegan and Raw Food E-Book
Price: $39.95
Recipe(s) For A Vibrant Life! Get Alkaline Eating More Vegan and Raw Food E-Book
Eight years in the creating, this leading-edge full color, 143 page recipe book will take your taste buds on a surprisingly delicious vegan, more alkalizing journey. Many recipes are gluten-free or raw as well. Filled with an abundance of pics to inspire!
Disease Eraser E-Book
Price: $9.95
Disease Eraser E-Book
Written by Cindy Levington, "Disease Eraser - Journey Of A Lifetime" is a take anywhere e-book filled with useful information, interesting stories and delicious, healthy recipes.
Traditional Stevia Recipe E-Book
Price: $9.95
Traditional Stevia Recipe E-Book
This recipe book is a 'traditional recipe' book which means that most if not all of the recipes contained use cooking of some sort. This wonderful Stevia recipe booklet contains baking ideas using Suede Hills Organic Green Leaf Stevia!