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25g Stevia Jar Package

Price: $23.95
in stock
  • 10 - 15 times sweeter than sugar.
  • Does NOT adversely effect blood sugar levels.
  • Can be used in baking & cooking.
  • Safely used for decades around the world.
  • Plaque and Cavity Retardant
  • Can be used as powder to sweeten drinks or foods.
  • Make a liquid to your taste using distilled water (refrigerate).
  • 1 tsp stevia = approximately 1 cup of sugar
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Organic Stevia 50g
Price: $16.95
Organic Stevia 50g
1 tsp of Suede Hills Green Stevia Powder=approx. 1 cup of sugar!
Green Leaf Stevia Powder Traditional Recipe Booklet
Price: $9.95
Green Leaf Stevia Powder Traditional Recipe Booklet
This is a 'traditional recipe' book. These are NOT "healthy vegan" recipes, these are transitional recipes for people taking the first steps to eliminating refined sugar from their baking. For vegan/gf recipes see our "Recipe(s) For A Vibrant Life" book.
Traditional Stevia Recipe E-Book
Price: $9.95
Traditional Stevia Recipe E-Book
This recipe book is a 'traditional recipe' book which means that most if not all of the recipes contained use cooking of some sort. This wonderful Stevia recipe booklet contains baking ideas using Suede Hills Organic Green Leaf Stevia!
Stevia, Organic Green Leaf 100g
Price: $29.95
Stevia, Organic Green Leaf  100g
1 tsp. of our Organic Green Leaf Stevia powder= approx.1 cup of sugar for sweetness! It is DIABETIC SAFE, 0 calories, and is 100% natural, raw, & Certified Organic! Get your sweet fix without the chemical residues of white stevia or artificial sweeteners.
Stevia, Organic Green Leaf Powder 454g (1 lb.)
Price: $119.95
Stevia, Organic Green Leaf Powder 454g (1 lb.)
SUEDE HILLS ORGANIC FARM BEST BUY! Save by buying your organic stevia in a large 454 gram (1 pound) bag! Our Green Leaf Stevia has a long shelf life when kept dry and in the cupboard. This bag equals over 300 cups of sugar.