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1200 Olive Leaf Capsules

Price: $334.95
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Get the most value for your money!

This is our pure, naturally dried whole, ORGANIC Olive Leaf Powder in veggie caps.
Amazing infection fighter and immune booster.
Kills virus', bacteria, fungus, yeast! FOOD POISONING TOO!
We have the testimonies and the personal experience to back it up!

We have so many testimonies of how our Olive Leaf Capsules saved the day for folks when travelling.
It is great to help avoid food poisoning, toxic water etc.
Take a few everyday while travelling, to stay ahead of the curve.
Feel free to take up to 3 caps 3 times per day for fast relief if you feel you are coming down with something.

Phil and Cindy take anywhere from 1 teaspoon of Olive Leaf Powder (=3 caps) to 1 Tablespoon(=12 caps)  of the powder per day, everyday!

Enjoy this cost effective "health insurance"!!

Health to you!